Education Verification
1-3 Days

$12.50 will contact an educational institution to verify an individual’s provided education credentials. The education verification process compares the information provided about the subject's school, college, or university and verifies those items with the education institution. We verify dates of attendance, degree(s) or credential(s) received, and if any honors were attached to the degree.

See a sample education verification report

Why verify somebody's education?

People's claims about where they have been enrolled and the fact that they graduated are important criteria in determining their suitability for your organization, as well as their trustworthiness. It is not uncommon for job applicants to misstate or embellish their education credentials, commonly known as resume padding. But next to a criminal record search, an education verification ranks as one of the easiest methods to reduce the risk of bad hiring decisions.

What's included?
Each education verification report includes verification of one diploma or degree with one school.