Identity Verification

For your protection, identity verification is required for all criminal background check and driving record report orders. Instant access to the reports is contingent on your ability to pass our online identity verification.

What type of identity verification do you use? uses a knowledge based authentication process for online identity verification. This is the process of authenticating an individual based on knowledge of personal information that is gathered from credit and non-credit related information, substantiated by a real-time interactive question and answer process.

What happens if I fail the online identity verification?

Consumers that fail the online identity verification process will typically be presented with a second attempt to pass the test as well as with the option to manually validate their identity. A second failed attempts for online identity verification will require manual identity verification.

How does manual identity verification work? will attempt to manually verify your identity by reviewing & authenticating certain documents that only you, the consumer can access. Please complete and return the Manual Identity Validation form along with your supporting documents via fax to 800-835-2979 or email it to

How long will manual identity verification take?

Manual identity verification may take 1-2 business days. Once your identity has been manually verified your driving record report or criminal background check report will update automatically. Please note that omissions or discrepancies in the required proof documentation may delay and/or prevent from verifying your identity.

What happens if I fail or abandon the identity verification process?

Until you prove who you are (either through the electronic tool or through copies of records), will NOT release the information in the report. Contact our client relations team if you have any questions about this - before you purchase a report. A refund will not be issued for failed or abandoned online or manual identity verification.

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