How to Get a Criminal Background Check for Employment

By Michael Klazema on 12/4/2019

Are you devising a background check policy for your business or trying to decide who to hire as a contractor? A criminal background check is a common component of any personnel decision, both in formal employment situations and in less-formal arrangements such as selecting a babysitter. 

Criminal Background Checks on Friends, Neighbors, and Dates 

One of the services that we offer thanks to a partnership with Peoplefinders is the ability to run a background check on friends, neighbors, or colleagues. This search—which can yield criminal records, public record information, contact details, and other facts about the people in your life—is not intended for professional situations. If you meet someone through an online dating platform and want to learn more about her, you might run this type of background check by simply typing in her name and location. 

If a personnel decision is at stake—be it hiring, promotion, retention, or screening a babysitter—then you will need to comply with relevant legislation with your background checks.

Criminal Background Checks for Employment 

As you start considering how to use background checks for these key hiring decisions, remember that legal standards and regulations will influence your process. If you plan to use criminal background check information (or information from any other background check), you should review the legal stipulations and guidelines put in place by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

For instance, the FCRA requires that you notify candidates about your intention to conduct a background check—in writing—and obtain their written permission to proceed. There are strict guidelines about how these disclosures and consent forms must be presented, so make sure that you are following the law to the letter. 

The EEOC instructs employers to conduct background checks in a consistent manner for all candidates. You cannot run a background check on a minority applicant, for instance, if you did not run one for a candidate who was Caucasian.

Finding Your Criminal Background Check Source 

At, in addition to providing a variety of background check products intended for employers, we also maintain a Learning Center where you can read about different facets of background checks. Our Learning Center content is free and provides the perfect way to find out more about legal compliancedifferent types of background checks, and background check laws that vary from one part of the country to the next (such as ban the box laws and the use of arrest records for employment decisions). 

Our site is meant to be intuitive, and ordering the checks that you need—whether county criminal background checksemployment verifications, or driving record checks—is a simple process. If you have questions about the background checks we provide, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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