Gwinnett County is a suburban portion of the Atlanta metropolitan area. This county is home to about 960,000 people. Nearby counties include Barrow, DeKalb, Forsyth, Fulton, Hall, Jackson, Rockdale, and Walton. Key regional employers include Waffle House, Canon, and Comcast. Hiring in this area may necessitate checking criminal records at Gwinnett County courts.

The Importance of a County Background Check

As a popular Atlanta suburb, Gwinnett County frequently attracts newcomers and job-seekers. The presence of many corporate headquarters further contributes to migration. This consistent flow of new talent into the area provides employers with key benefits. It provides ample opportunity to fill critical roles with fewer delays.

However, the area’s growth creates a greater need for thorough screening procedures. You must protect the business and others from possible harm. You must build a hiring process that helps reduce potential risks.

Applications and supporting documentation only tell you so much about an applicant. Learning more requires crafting a thorough background check procedure. The hiring process is a time to evaluate all parts of someone’s suitability. The right skills might not matter if the person represents too much of a risk to safety on the job. Gathering all the facts first is a necessary step. With a criminal background check, businesses can find the state court records hiring managers need.

Structuring Your Gwinnett County Background Checks

When compiling criminal history information, start with local sources of data. Gwinnett criminal records from local courts are a good first resource. What do these records say about your applicant? Serious felonies or recent convictions could be red flags. Such information may warrant a re-evaluation of the individual. You may also decide that local criminal records are too minor or irrelevant to have an impact.

Remember that the absence of a local record doesn’t always indicate a blank slate. The individual might have a criminal record somewhere else instead. To develop confidence, take a broader look at criminal records in nearby areas. At, we make this process easy. Whether you run an SME, a nonprofit, or a large corporation, our tools scale easily.

Select a county-level background check for a view of Gwinnett County’s records. From there, supplement that report with additional data. Select the US OneSEARCH for information from the rest of Georgia. The combination of these reports gives you broader coverage and more to consider. For information about traffic citations, order a Georgia motor vehicle record instead.

How far back does such a Gwinnett County records search go? Georgia law does not restrict a background check “lookback” period. Therefore, it is possible that any convictions on an individual’s record may appear. Remember, the EEOC advises considering the age of the conviction when evaluating records.

Understanding Compliance Concerns

Legal compliance is an essential component of any background check policy. You must follow the law to use background checks appropriately. However, there are not many local restrictions on their use. Neither Georgia nor Gwinnett County “ban the box.” Employers may inquire about criminal convictions at any time, including on the job application. Georgia allows drug testing after employers make a conditional offer.

You must also abide by federal employment law even when checking local court systems. Businesses must obtain an applicant’s consent before running a background check. You must also provide a standalone disclosure of individual rights. Take care to avoid potentially discriminatory actions defined by the Civil Rights Act.

What Shows Up in Gwinnett County, Georgia Court Records?

A Gwinnett County court lookup sources data from state and local systems unaffiliated with Data is subject to change. By Georgia law, these searches do not include records from juvenile courts.

Our products draw upon information from systems such as the:

  • Georgia Department of Corrections – Felony convictions from 1979-2009, no longer updated
  • Georgia Parole Board File – Individuals on parole from 2006-present, updated monthly
  • Georgia Sex Offender Registry – Data from 1996-present, updated monthly
  • Gwinnett County Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1999-present, updated monthly

Note that some areas restrict access to information. In Gwinnett County, we cannot provide an instant records search. Instead, we offer direct, on-site record searches in the courts of Gwinnett. Results are available within three working days. For records from the Georgia Superior Court, order a state-level background check instead. An active criminal warrant or pending charge may appear in these reports.

These reports may also contain a subject’s:

  • Name
  • Offense
  • Sentence

Strengthen your hiring processes today. Learn more about our county background check options now.

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