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  • November 19

    On November 3, voters in California passed Proposition 22, which creates a new employment designation for drivers of ridesharing services. We look at the implication of the legal change for drivers and the impact on ridesharing background checks.

  • November 18

    Is salary history part of employee background checks? We look at the changing rules surrounding salary verification during the hiring process.

  • November 17 How much discretion should landlords have in denying homeless applicants with a criminal past? New York and Texas governments have very different answers.
  • November 12

    Amid the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the EEOC has issued a range of rules for employers. Catch up with them here.


  • November 11

    While some employee background checks process instantly, others might take days or weeks. We look at different types of background checks to explain differences in processing time for results.

  • November 10

    A significant change in Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate Law could make it possible for millions more ex-offenders in the state to have their records sealed. 


  • November 05 Despite structural changes intended to make childcare systems safer, abuse remains a persistent problem. Failures from organizations and the government contribute to the problem.
  • November 04

    Background checks can reach back years, but how many years exactly? We explain the laws that limit the reach and scope of criminal history screenings.

  • November 03

    Ban the box legislation has been a trend in the employment world for years, but it is a newer arrival in higher education. A pending piece of legislation in Pennsylvania could kick off a second-chance trend at colleges and universities.


  • November 03

    If there is one overarching reason why employers conduct background checks, it’s to discover “red flags” about prospective hires. Red flags can vary significantly depending on the job, the candidate, and the employer.