pass background checks

Here's What Employers Look for When They Run a Background Check

When it comes to the pre-employment vetting processes, every employer will approach things differently, depending on the...

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fair chance, ban the box, my clear start

An Update on Clean Slate Legislation

More states and jurisdictions are taking steps to increase the accessibility of expungement and criminal record sealing....

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volunteer background checks

Fast-Tracking Volunteer Background Checks

Volunteer background checks are critical to every volunteer-driven effort and organization. At, we ...

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credit check, FCRA

A Legal Update on Background Screening Laws in Philadelphia and Illinois

Legislative changes in Philadelphia and Illinois will affect how employers in these jurisdictions use background checks ...

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background checks for tenants, tenant screening

An Update on Fair Chance Housing Ordinances and Tenant Background Checks

Landlords in 2021 must navigate significant regulatory upheaval in tenant background checks and federal housing vouchers...

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volunteer background checks

Boy Scouts: Why Background Checks Matter

As Boy Scouts of America faces bankruptcy, dissolution, and sexual abuse allegations from 95,000 former members, the org...

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tenant screening

Best Practices for Tenant Screening

Tenant background screening is a fraught category of background checks due to ethical questions and new policies. Parts ...

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drug tests, drug testing policy

Workplace Drug Testing: What You Need to Know

Is your organization considering a drug screening protocol in the workplace? Here’s what you need to know about pre-empl...

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fair chance act, background screening

New York City Expands Fair Chance Employment Ordinance

A new amendment to New York City’s Fair Chance Act significantly expands ban the box legislation. The changes will affec...

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