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How Fast Can Background Checks Be Done?

“How fast are employee background checks?” is a common question among employers and job seekers. When choosing a backgro...

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New Law Change in Pennsylvania Makes ‘Clean Slate’ More Accessible to Ex-Offenders

Two years ago, Pennsylvania passed a revolutionary law that vowed to automatically seal tens of millions of criminal rec...

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Major Challenges Persist in the Fight to Keep Children Safe

Many families include parents who both work outside of the home. As a result, the childcare industry is worth billions o...

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Questions and Answers, Background Checks, employee background checks, how far back does background check go

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

Whether you are a hiring manager or a job seeker, you may wonder: how far back does a background check go? For an employ...

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Compliance and Legislation, red flags, candidate background check

Candidate Background Check Red Flags

If there is one overarching reason why employers conduct background checks, it’s to discover “red flags” about prospecti...

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Banning the Box on College Applications

Could ban the box policies be heading toward college campuses? Based on a new law pending in Pennsylvania, the answer is...

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Industry News, EEOC

EEOC Takes Aim at Discriminatory Business Practices

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s purview isn’t limited to setting guidelines for hiring and publishing expl...

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What Type of Background Checks Do Schools Do?

All employers have a responsibility to ensure the safest work environment possible for their employees. Schools and scho...

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Why Background Screening for Locksmiths and Other Contractors Is Essential

Are you hiring a locksmith or other contractor for renovating your house, updating the electrical wiring at your busines...

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