Questions and Answers, employee background checks, recruitment in 2020

How Is Recruitment Impacted by COVID 19?

Recruitment in 2020 has been a major challenge for employers across many industries, due in part to its unpredictable sh...

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Industry News, bus driver background checks

Lawsuit Alleges Corruption and Background Check Failures in NYC School Transportation Department

Recent developments within New York City’s Department of Education—specifically its Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT)...

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Industry News, education, infographic, the future of school

The Future of School

For years, technology has been altering the landscape of education, adding eLearning and other online learning approache...

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Industry News, church background checks

Catholic Church Continues to Fall Short on Abuse Prevention

As chronicled in Oscar-winning movies such as Spotlight, the emergence of the Catholic Church's long struggle with sexua...

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Questions and Answers, tenant background checks, landlords do background checks

Do Landlords Do Background Checks?

Background checks are a part of the housing application process for most landlords. From apartment complexes to rental h...

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Industry News, criminal history checks

Background Checks and Diversity

Background checks—from criminal history checks to resume verification checks to driving record checks—play vital roles i...

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Industry News, Uber, lyft, ridesharing background checks

Uber Accused of Negligent Business Practices in Latest Suit

Alleging that Uber misrepresents the safety of its services and does little to provide oversight of its drivers' actions...

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Questions and Answers, third party background checks

Are Background Checks an Invasion of Privacy?

When it comes to the interactions between an employer and their employees, privacy must always be a core tenet of the re...

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Industry News, criminal background check

Data Breaches Are Becoming More Common at Hospitals

Data breaches have become an area of concern across multiple industries from retail to finance in recent years. The brea...

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