Questions and Answers, background check

Will My Speeding Ticket Show Up on a Background Check?

If you’ve recently been cited for breaking the speed limit, you may be wondering whether the infraction could have an im...

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Healthcare Background Checks

Vermont Mental Health Agency Must Repay Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare Payments Due to Background Check Lapse

A mental health services agency in Vermont recently agreed to repay $170,000 in improperly billed Medicare, Medicaid, an...

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drug tests

Can I dispute a false-positive drug test?

Have you failed a drug test that was required for your job? Do you believe that you fell victim to a false positive with...

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employment history, employment history checks

Employment History

If you are applying for a job, chances are that you will need to disclose at least some details about your employment hi...

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ban the box

Ban the Box: Summer 2021 Update

We look at the latest updates in ban the box legislation, including a bill that could take ban the box nationwide, juris...

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Questions and Answers, Background Checks

Can a Background Check Reveal Past Employers?

It's a fact: job seekers often lie on their resumes. According to a 2017 survey conducted by executive search firm Offic...

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reference checks

Conducting a Reference Check

Reference checks are a common step of the hiring strategy for most employers, usually slotted into the interview process...

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child care

Summer Camps Prepare to Return in 2021; What Parents Should Know

Many summer camps are likely to return in 2021 following a year off due to COVID-19. Here’s what parents should know abo...

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tenant screening, landlord

Tenant Background Checks Continue to Spark Controversy

More legislators are pushing for significant restrictions to tenant background checks. We examine bills that could chang...

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