school employee background checks

Missouri Boarding School Sues to Halt Background Check Requirement

After the Missouri legislature closed a loophole allowing some organizations to forego background checks, one religious ...

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teacher background checks, volunteer background checks

Connecticut Legislative Committee Explains Potential New Direction for Preventing Youth Abuse

Strong teacher, coach, and volunteer background checks can help prevent abuse in schools, youth sports, and other organi...

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teacher background checks

Did a New Orleans Charter School Rehire an Employee Fired Over Background Check Findings?

The charter school in New Orleans that faced controversy for falsifying employee background check records is back in the...

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Drug Testing

Policy Changes and Labor Challenges Mean Fewer Drug Tests

With more states legalizing marijuana for all adults and pressing labor shortages in many industries, some employers hav...

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EEOC Updates Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements After Sweeping Biden Order

The EEOC has updated its guidance for employers requiring vaccinations for workers. The document covers how employers ca...

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The Importance of Dates of Birth in Background Checks

In Michigan, lawmakers and courts continue to debate whether to include dates of birth on court records. Learn why the d...

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Working remote post Covid

The ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide reassessment of work and jobs mean that remote workers coul...

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employee background check vetting

Labor Shortages, Background Check Delays, and the Risk of Reduced Vigilance

Labor shortages and background check bottlenecks have some employers wondering if they should lower their standards to f...

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5 Sample Background Checks

background check report samples

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