negligent hiring lawsuit

What Is Negligent Hiring? How Can Employers Avoid it?

This negligence is when an employer is blamed or held liable for an injury caused by one of its employees to a third par...

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teacher background checks

Does Your School Need to Review Its Teacher Background Checks?

Two recent news stories highlight the importance of regular reviews for teacher background check policies at educational...

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Failed Background Check After Receiving a Job Offer - What's Next?

Matching a person to a job is hard work, which is why it is a victory to find the perfect candidate and extend him or he...

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New Marijuana Expungement Laws Take Effect in Two States

New York and Michigan are the latest states to pass laws making expungement easier for individuals with misdemeanor mari...

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EEOC, salary history

EEOC Files Lawsuit Against New York School District for Alleged Equal Pay Violation

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed an equal pay lawsuit against a New York school district, al...

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ban the box, FCRA

Illinois Adds New Restrictions for Employers Using Criminal Background Checks

Illinois recently updated its Human Rights Act to include restrictions for the use of criminal background checks in hiri...

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FBI background checks

Background Screening Waived for Staff at Migrant Facilities

The Biden administration has come under fire for waiving FBI background checks at emergency migrant facilities near the ...

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How to Run a Proper Background Check on Your Nanny

Deciding to hire a nanny is a significant decision for any parent. Hiring a nanny means handing off a portion of your ch...

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What Does a Background Check Show? (2021 Update)

What does a background check show? The answer is complex due to the broad number of factors that different records searc...

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