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What Is a Third-Party Background Check?

Within employee background checks, “third-party background check” refers to an employer hiring an outside company to per...

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Proposed Tenant Background Check Bans Draw Criticism

For the formerly incarcerated, the process of re-entering society involves a difficult path with many challenges. Advoca...

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Ban the Box? Some Municipalities Go the Other Way

Providing a path back to employment for formerly incarcerated individuals is a common goal, but not every locale is on b...

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Are Background Checks Run by State?

One of the common points of confusion around background checks is how geography figures into the equation. Contrary to p...

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Salary History Bans Pick up Steam

Can employers still ask about salary history? Not long ago, it was common for employers to request salary information as...

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COVID-19 Creates a Patchwork Landscape of Childcare Policies

An industry that generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year, childcare has sustained severe impacts fro...

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How Do People Do Background Checks for Freelancers?

With the growth of the gig economy, freelancing is becoming more common every year. In 2018, a study conducted by Freela...

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Marijuana Decriminalization and Recent Expungement Laws Are Opening Doors for Ex-Offenders

Recent legislative trends in the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and the expungement of past criminal of...

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Food Trucks Still Face an Uncertain Business & Regulatory Environment

Food trucks are far from a novelty—mobile food vendors operate everywhere from Alaska to Idaho. However, just a decade a...

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