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  • January 23 — A law went into effect on New Year's Day that will make it possible for North Carolina fire departments and emergency medical services to run repeat background checks on existing employees. Previously, these emergency services have largely only been able to run pre-employment checks.
  • January 23 — Publix is paying $6.8 million to settle a class action lawsuit over a supposed violation of the FCRA. Publix would not admit guilt in the case, but chose to pay up because the cost of settlement was drastically cheaper than litigation and loss of productivity.
  • January 21 — A teaching assistant in Anchorage was recently arrested and charged with the possession of child pornography. The school did background checks when he was hired, but did they do enough to find out about his illegal activity?
  • January 16 — For years, private sports clubs in Colorado have not been legally required to run background checks on employees or volunteers. A new bill, jointly proposed by a State Senator and Representative, could change that.
  • January 14 — A small town fire department in North Carolina has always relied on an honor system (and on local rumors) for vetting volunteer firefighters. In 2015, the department will adopt background checks for the first time ever, including criminal history screenings and random drug tests.
  • January 12 — With the New Year, 21 new laws have gone into effect in Pennsylvania, with the goal of improving the state's policies for preventing child abuse. The new laws include definition changes for what constitutes abuse, as well as new background check policies for school employees and volunteers.
  • January 08 — A two-year-old boy in Butler County, Kansas was recently burned severely by his daycare provider, in a twisted attempt at potty training. The incident shows how much vigilance parents have to exercise in hiring caregivers for their children.
  • January 07 — A newly elected school board member in the Atlanta area is refusing to agree to a background check through the school district, because he believes it represents a conflict of interest. As an alternative, he has offered to submit to a background check done by the local county police department.
  • January 06 — Free background checks can save you money, but can you trust them? Here are five reasons why free background checks can cost you more than they gain you.
  • January 05 — Stop missing out on job opportunities and or apartment leases because of a criminal record. Follow these steps to expunge your criminal record and rebuild your life.