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  • May 21 — The Connecticut legislature is looking to expedite teacher background checks and close possible loopholes with a new bill. The bill, which recently received unanimous approval from the State House, would require school boards to submit background checks for new hires within five days.
  • May 18 — A school bus driver in Topeka, Kansas was recently arrested for child pornography charges filed in Texas. There was a warrant for the man's arrest when he was hired as a bus driver, but the red flag was missed in part because Kansas has no state laws requiring school bus driver background checks.
  • May 14 — A military family that was recently relocated to the Miami area had trouble finding a place to live, thanks to long waiting times for homeowners' association background checks. Some of these screenings took up to 30 days to process.
  • May 12 — Kansas requires no licensing steps for massage therapists, be they background checks or certification programs. The lack of regulation has turned the state's massage therapy industry into a haven for prostitution and sex trafficking.
  • May 11 — A town in Illinois is considering putting an end to an ordinance that requires background checks for workers at fairs and carnivals that operate locally. The belief is that the ordinance is redundant, since fairs and carnivals already have to run background checks of each employee before they can be licensed by the state.
  • May 06 — The University of Illinois is implementing new background check policies that will require every employee to be screened during the hiring process. Many current faculty members have their reservations about the decision, though, ranging from privacy concerns to worries about employment discrimination.
  • May 04 — Koch Industries, one of the largest private employers in the U.S., officially banned the box last month. The move shows the growing support for "fair chance" hiring policies in all corners of the employment industry.
  • May 01 — A former office manager at a Portage, Michigan garage door company was recently convicted of embezzling over $118,000 from the business. The woman will pay restitution, but the company says that it neglected to run background checks before hiring her.
  • April 30 — Without the consent of their customers, a Motel 6 in Warwick, Rhode Island is giving local police the names of all overnight guests for arrest warrant background checks. The warrant searches are being done in response to a number of serious crimes that have occurred at the motel as of late.
  • April 28 — New Hampshire has started requiring background checks for staff at youth skills camps. These camps, which are generally brief intensive programs focused on learning one specific skill, hint at a growing trend toward universal background checks in youth-serving programs across the country.